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"How to Win at College: Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country's Top Students", by Cal Newport

"How to Win at College: surprising Secrets from the Country's Top Students" was written by Cal Newport, consisted of 75 rules that will help students to be successful in their college's life. This book is very helpful because there are varieties of ideas that author got from the interview of top's student, so you can learn from those techniques and find out what works well for you.

Below are the 3 simple rules among the 75 that I summarized from the book "How to Win at College":

#Don't Do All of Your Reading

It is true that you are assigned to read a lot in college, but remember that, it doesn't mean you have to read everything there. Instead of reading everything, you should take a look at syllabus so that you can just skim the main points before class. Check the syllabus and read the assigned chapters in advance. Also, there is a secret you can know the topic quickly by reading the introductions and conclusions.

#Write Outside of Class

After reading, writing is also necessary in college. One way to win at college is you need to be good at writing. It is because you have the ability to express your thoughts through writing. Beside writing your assigned topics in class, you can also write anything that you're interested in to develop your writing skills. And, you just don't need to care so much about format but rather focus on how you transfer the words from your head into writing. The more you practice, the more you are good in writing.

#Relax Before Exams

When it comes to the day of the exam, especially the final hour before exam, you shouldn't study or review everything you've learned the whole semester. Instead, you just need to review your notes and have some time to relax before taking the exam. Take some time to relax and be ready for the exam!

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