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"Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds", by Carmine Gallo

As the title of the book itself mentioned about The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of The World's Top Minds, so you may wonder what those 9 secrets are about, right?

Of course, Talk Like TED is a good starting point if you want to improve your public speaking skills because the author spent his time to interview and also analyze from the videos of TED's Speakers (the most viewed videos in TED Talks) from all over the world namely as Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Bryan Stevenson, and many CEOs.

There are 9 secrets to Talk Like TED speakers, but I'm not going to describe all in detail. But here's the 3 main parts which are the cores of the book:

  • Emotional—They touch my heart.
    It's all about learning to use the power of within in order to connect to audiences' heart. That's not easy, I would say, because you need to think deeply just to identify what you're truly passionate about. You can inspire others unless you're inspired by your own story in the first place. If you want to touch your audiences' heart, your personal story is one thing you should think about. That's how you connect yourself with your audiences.

  • Novel—They teach me something new.
    Reading many books and watching TED Talks videos help you to gain more ideas. But one way to spread new ideas is through novel. It is because the brain cannot ignore novelty, so your listeners cannot ignore you.

  • Memorable—They present content in ways I'll never forget.
    In part 2, novel is important to engage your listeners; however, it means nothing if your listeners cannot recall what you told them. It means that you need to think deep down and figure out the right words from your heart into speech. Be genuine with your own feelings and be authentic so that people will remember you.
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