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“Change Your Questions, Change Your Life”, by Marilee Adams

"Change Your Questions, Change Your Life", written by Marilee Adams, is a book which helps you to understand yourself better by just asking questions. Why questions are important? It is because of questions are the core things that will lead us to think and take action. If we ask the right questions, it will make us get success both personally and professionally. And, the technique that she suggested, on how to consistently choose the questions is called, "Questions Thinking" (QT). In this book, Questions Thinking will be powerful tools to help you improving on coaching and leadership.

So, what's more? Mostly, the author mentioned a lot about the Choice Map in this book. What is the Choice Map? According to the book mentioning that, the Choice Map aims to simplify the whole process to let you learn to observe yourself, discover more options, and choose more wisely no matter in what situations. Whenever you are able to observe your own thinking and differentiate the Learner and Judger Path clearly, then you will have the power to choose which path you want.

Marilee shows us that there are 2 paths: the Learner and the Judger Path. You can get to the Learner Path by choosing, and for the Judger Path, it's more on reacting rather than choosing. We can start with simple questions like, "Am I a judger or learner?"

Of course, we all can jump into the Judger Path from time to time, but that's okay because it is what makes us human. We can ask ourselves with both kinds of questions, Learner and Judger Questions, but what's more important is to remember that we have the power to choose which one that we use in any moment.

At some points, we might think that it's not important to ask ourselves with those kinds of questions but we will be surprised until those simple questions can change our lives. It's important to feed our thoughts with positivity and ask ourselves with the right questions that lead us to grow better and stronger. So, if you want to change your life, you need to start changing questions that you ask yourself everyday.

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