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Coming to work is like coming home now.

On 14-15th August, I went on a trip to Kep & Kampot with GooShop. We stayed at Mount Horizon Villa and created a lot of memories there.

On arriving, we had a great lunch cooked by our beloved boss. The meal was delicious and plenty. And, the mountain view was perfect before the private villa. We rested and played group games such as Trust Me with Your Powder and Picture to Word. It was super funnn! Lok Mjas Pao really drove us crazy at that time. The pool party and cooking activities happened in the evening. I still miss the barbecue and the pool. And finally, the talent show was crazy AMAZING! Everyone got real and rocked the trip with their awesome performance. At almost midnight, each team member had a wonderful time sharing their appreciation speeches, especially to our great leaders. The atmosphere was emotional and lovely. I dearly miss each moment we had together at Krong Keb. 

As a worker who comes to work to get my tasks done, I’d barely seen any sides of my co-workers other than working. They are more than I’d ever imagined. Everyone was kind and giving and fun to be around. I like to thank tr. Morokot, tr. Kosal, and tr. Sophea for aiming for the best experience for us. I’m so overwhelmed with good memories that I will spend months recovering from this trip. I believe this refreshing time has given each one of us new energy and inspiration. Let’s grow together and serve Cambodian readers to the best.

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